Syria 2014: A new interview with the surgeon David Nott.


David has returned to Syria, and following his interview with us last Christmas, he describes what has changed. ***WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF INJURIES***

In WEDNESDAY'S PM: three people with experience of Syria and Middle East politics will discuss this interview.



Contributed by eddiemair
Dec 22, 2014, 06:17 PM
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PatsCSW - over 2 years ago

My heart is breaking for the Syrian civilians being barreled-bombed, starve, tortured, etc. The International community should at least demand a no-fly zone over Syria; demand that humanitarian aide including food, medicine, and medical supplies into the city under siege. I wish President Obama would help the Syrian civilians much more than he has. It will surely be a black mark of his presidency, like Rwanda is for ex-President Clinton. For any and all God's sake, do something!


Icaj - over 2 years ago

Shame on politicians!


ADWard9 - over 2 years ago

@101objects: you seem to have missed David Nott's point. He made a very astute point, which was not the simple "bomb them" approach a naive politician may take. What David Nott appeared to suggest is that IS arose because there was no humanitarian support or alternative routes for the Sunnis whom Assad appears to want to destroy in a genocide.


101objects - over 2 years ago

David Nott is a brave and dedicated man but very wrong about the politics of us getting involved in Syria. We are not an international police force and our intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia has made things worse. Yes, let's give humanitarian aid, but this has to be solved in the region not through the intervention of Western powers.


Teresaelizabeth - over 2 years ago

I knew David Nott when he was a very junior doctor and I was a ward sister at the MRI. He was completely without ego even then . I am in awe of his genuine commitment to practise medicine in such horrific ,unimaginable circumstances . Thank you BBC for allowing his 'story' to be told