Episode 8 - Tom Scharpling (The Best Show)

Dec 31, 2014, 02:26 PM

THE BEST SHOW LIVES! To celebrate, Turned Out A Punk is lucky enough to have the host of The Best Show: Tom Scharpling. Listen as Damian and Tom discuss discovering punk in small town New Jersey, and how Tom goes on to create a radio show empire that counts some of the best and brightest from the comedy and music worlds.

Also touched on:

- Husker Du as first contact.

- Discovering Punk in isolation

- The oppression of 80’s Springsteenmania in New Jersey

- Frankie Goes To Hollywood: New Jersey’s PissChrist

- REM rocks the lunchroom.

- Conflict zine as inspiration for everything. (See, I told you Gerard!)

- Too Fun Too Huge the lesser known pre-Matador Records zines

- The wishing well of record mail-order back in the day.

- Gerard Cosloy is AWESOME!

- The label not even a MUTHA could love.

- Sneaking to "Eating Clubs" to see icons of indie rock

- Dinosaur Jr.

- “EATING IT” the CBGB of comedy.

- H. John Benjamin and Jon Glaser’s “Get Hyped”: the best performance of anything ever.

- The importance of an early David Cross’ blessing

- The Best Show as a band member’s secret handshake

- Damian gushing about The Best Show

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