Episode 9 - Antwon

Jan 07, 2015, 01:57 AM

For this episode of Turned Out A Punk Damian is joined by one of his favorite rap artists Antwon! Kick your feet up as the two discuss Antwon’s journey from skate punk kid to a world touring, beloved rapper.

Also covered in this episode: -The influence of Tony Hawk game soundtracks -Rich kids and punk -Friends becoming “normals” -Fury 66 and the Santa Cruz connection -Sick Of it All -Trying to first understand hardcore dancing -Selfies with The Casualties in the Noughties
-Scotty Karate: Rad dude. -Envy of the Dungeons And Dragons’ kids -The plight of husky kids -The nuances of sweatpants -The gnarliness of a Gilman show -Tony Molina is awesome -Life on the run. -Redemption through incarceration? -The importance of Mishka clothing to music -Trying to meet Andy McCoy -Hi-Standard -Drugsssssssssssss -Touring with White Lung -Touring as a way to see the world. -Would you go on the Warped Tour -Haymaker