S2 Ep19: "Underdogs Ease Their Woes & Players Are Blagging Nandos"

Jan 12, 2015, 06:15 AM

Tim, Phil & JB take you through an amazing, and unpredictable set of results from the weekend's #AvivaPrem and #Pro12 match ups AND get salivating over some tasty European fixtures which lie in wait. But not salivating quite as hard as rugby players clearly do over the prospect of a free Nandos it seems. Aside from their blagging antics the boys bring you a weekly rugby quiz, 'Rugby Social' and a brand new 'Rugby Agony Aunt' segment (which needs a catchy name if you can think of one). And who will step into the breach at No. 8 for England with Ben Morgan's unfortunate injury. All that and more...listen, share and, hopefully, enjoy!