Episode 10 - George Pettit (Alexisonfire and Dead Tired)

Jan 14, 2015, 03:44 AM

For this weeks episode Damian journeys out to Hamilton to sit down with his friend(and former bandmate), Alexisonfire and Dead Tired vocalist George Pettit. The two talk about George’s transition from Lookout Records, to being a part of a huge band, to finding peace with walking away from music, to starting a new band just for the joy of it. More transitions than a butterfly… Okay… as many.

Also touched on: - In defense of Epitaph Punk-O-Rama - SnoJam: The Winter Warped Tour - The Toronto Breakout years - Fucked Up benefiting from the “Alexisonfire Effect” - Punk music discovery in the pre-internet - The Screeching Weasel Message Board circa late 90’s: Where you can loose your virginity and meet a young pre-No Warning Ben Cook - Mods N Rockers: The radio show of “our” time. - “Are you going to go to college, or are you going to ride the lighting in your screamo band?” - The awesomeness of the VML 7” series - The influence of Level Plane and Magic Bullet Records - No Warning: An undeniable band even if they were dicks to you - Getting into rotation and ending democracy at Much Music in the process - Using the Canadian Music Industry - The guilt and pride of a legacy - Blowing Guille from Destino Final mind. - Being huge and small at the same time - Hamilton: one of the first places of punk - Hoping to influence the person who will really effect change