LondonGigGuide #81 - 20/01/15 - Your weekly, no nonsense guide to smaller London gigs

Jan 20, 2015, 01:51 PM

In this week’s Tom is joined once again by Katey Brooks who has returned from her travels - at long last. This week’s show was brought to you with the help of a bottle of cheap red and some generous measures of scotch. But we weren’t too drunk to find you lots of amazing gigs to go to. We have tracks from Lula, Emmy The Great and Denai Moore. Our Shameless Favourite of the week is the blissfully trippy track ‘So Far Dear America’ from Lilies On Mars.

We play every kind of music – it just has to be good. The result is a mix of indie, folk, funk, swing, ska, punk, pop and anything else that takes our fancy that week. You can find details of all the gigs mentioned and hear the tracks again by going to the website #music #londongigs #livemusic