Episode 12 - Chris Murphy (Sloan)

Jan 28, 2015, 05:25 AM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by Chris Murphy from Sloan for an episode 20 years in the making! Listen as the two discuss the impact hardcore punk had on Chris’s outlook and career in music; as he became a Canadian rock icon (Damian’s words not his).

Also chewed on: - First contact with the Sex Pistols at a lunchtime grade 7 school dance. - NEVER DRESS LIKE A PUNK TO IMPRESS THE PUNKS ON THE A SCHOOL SPONSORED “DRESS LIKE A PUNK DAY”. - Liking U2 being a subversive act…. in 1982 Halifax. - The greatness of the Jellyfishbabies - Trying to determine whether or not you like Minor Threat over the phone - CKDU: Halifax’s window to the greater music world - The secret Halifax roots of 80’s Montreal Hardcore. - A brief history of Halifax Punk - Seeing Capitalist Alienation - Damian explaining Power Violence to Chris - “I wasn’t even into Sonic Youth, I thought that stuff was crap” - The vocal range of Ian MacKaye versus Pat Dubar - “White Magic” punk - Road tripping to hang out in DC to see shows and living in a van for 3 weeks… twice - Going off to see the Wizard of DC - The Importance of Ian MacKaye and Fugazi… WWID? (again) - Punk as an introduction to irony - Never let you parents find your un-credited Angry Samoans’ lyrics transcriptions - Milo Goes To Sloan Shows - Applying the strategy of punk history - Being more like Dave Grohl than Kurt Cobain