Episode 14 - Don Pyle (Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet)

Feb 11, 2015, 04:43 AM

Turned Out A Punk welcomes Don Pyle this week! Join in as Damian and Don discuss being there for the start of punk in Toronto and how it stayed with him throughout his amazing career in Crash Kills Five, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, and Phono Comb. Plus, Damian almost makes it the whole episode without bringing up the Kids In The Hall theme song!

Also discussed on this episode: - The pre-punk history of the word “Punk” - The Modern Lovers as the descendants of The Archies - Sex Pistols “it was always something that was there, but it was all of the sudden it had a brand and an identify”. - Seeing the bill of: Tom Rush, Mahogany Rush, and Rush - The importance of Nuggets and Pebbles as Punk accelerants - Art Metropole: the store that sold every single punk - Being at the first Ramones Show - Rough Trade: Not a punk band - Gary Topp: Canadian Music Hero - The explosion of ’77 - Choosing music over friends - The moment you loose a friend to the ‘Nuge - Waiting for war at an Ugly show at the Turning Point - The arrival of gangs at Toronto Punk shows - The Viletones’ “bodyguards - The great thing about Colin Brunton working door - Taking shitty pictures of T-Rex at the CNE Bandstand - Seeing a three piece Talking Heads play to 40 people - Going from Crash Kills Nine to Five - Making friends through Viletones' Fan mail - The Last Pogo the end on the second wave of the first wave of Toronto punk scene - Being inspired by hearing about Wire - An amazingly subtle Happy Gilmore reference - Gary Pig Gold's distro - Imants' classified ad in Bomp and Touch and Go - The Proto-Hardcore of Ugly Models - “You’re from a shitty bar band, you aren’t a punk!” - The careerist nature of some of the first wave of local punk bands - DIY: The big take away from punk - Refusing to sign on the dotted line - Getting ripped off by everyone but Touch And Go - Being subcontracted for Dragon’s Den - Being conflicted nature of the Clash (again)