Episode 15 - "Kickball Katy" Goodman (Vivian Girls)

Feb 18, 2015, 02:04 PM

On this episode of Turned Out A Punk, Damian gets to chat to Le Sera's Katy Goodman about going from watching New Brunswick basement hardcore shows, to playing at Coachella in the Vivian Girls. Listen in as two discuss touring together, the low points of riding high on the indie hype bubble, and punk. Also touched on in this episode: -Trying to get into NoFX and accidentally getting into the Germs -Seeing shows at Ridgewood Lodge -Fletcher And the Sticky Wickets: the pre-Real Estate Cricket referencing ska band -Interviewing Lars from Rancid for… nothing… or no reason… and not recording it. -Missing out on Emo? -The importance of the Gossip -New Brunswick, New Jersey: the capital of New Jersey Hardcore -No Way Records -Meeting future bandmates because of their choice in socks -Following the Tragedy, Forward, Warhead Tour deadhead-style to Chaos In Tejas -The infamous Mark Pesci's Marked Man stage dive -Rolling solo to the Fucked Up Hidden World Weekend -The pre-Vivian Girls bands: The Gutter and We’re Not Virgins -Finding a bass in a basement -Having to curse when talking about the Wipers -The origins of the Vivain Girls name (it’s not a Fucked Up reference, DAMIAN!) -Poison Idea: literally the best -Vivian Girls as a Punk band -Brooklyn Vegan and learning the hard way to never ever read the comments -People coming to see you play just to hate you -Lots of Coachella memories -Some light Sam Smith discussion