The Grill Team - Marto, Michelle & Ed - 19/02/2015

Feb 19, 2015, 01:02 AM
  1. The BIG WET is coming – Emma in the newsroom gives us a rough idea on what to expect
  2. Sports All In: QLD Reds, Greyhound scandal update
  3. NRL Insider Dobbo - mail on Taumalolo, DCE, Justin Hodges & Richard Graham
  4. Where The Streets Are A Game: Sandgate Road
  5. Channel 10 Weatherman Josh Holt gives more details on the upcoming Cyclone Marcia and how it will affect QLD and Brisbane
  6. Ed - Tiff made me get immunised for Hepatitis A! - Berries do you worst!
  7. Marto - Good news berry story & the worst shout-out ever
  8. Marto’s Thought On Sport: We need more cricket stats
  9. Michelle’s 50 Shades Of Grey movie "review"
  10. Marto - "We have 2 dicks in politics at the moment!"
  11. Mick Molloy loves David Beckham
  12. Explain It To Me Like I’m Five: The Duckworth Lewis Stern Method with Professor Steve Stern
  13. 35th Anniversary of Bon Scott’s passing – A mother named her son “Bon Scott”
  14. How do you spell “AC/DC”? #CycloneMarcia #Weather #NRL #Toumololu #DCE #JustinHodges #Reds #RichardGraham #GreyhoundRacing #Channel10 #HepA #Nannasberries #CricketWorldCup #DuckworthLewisStern #50ShadesofGrey #MartosThoughtonSport #Politics #MickMolloy #DavidBeckham #BonScott #ACDC