Bradford's joint chairman Mark Lawn talks to @RadioAndrewE about ticketing trouble ahead of #FACup clash against #Reading

Feb 23, 2015, 04:47 PM

Problems with the system for selling tickets to Bradford City's FA Cup quarter final against Reading have left some fans empty-handed and absolutely furious.

It's emerged over the last 24 hours that there was initially no limit on the numbers of tickets sold per person.

It also seems that the online system went into meltdown - leaving some fans trying for hours with no luck.

Strong words from some angry fans there...we should point out that James Mason, who's the chief operating officer, is not here to defend himself this afternoon but he will be speaking to Liz Green on our breakfast show tomorrow morning.

We'll put some of these criticism to the club in just a moment.

Mark Lawn is the joint chairman of Bradford City.