Episode 16 - Chris Colohan

Feb 25, 2015, 08:33 AM

On the show this week, join Damian as he interviews Chris Colohan. Listen as the two discuss Chris’ journey through punk, and the amazing music that it has yielded. Not to mention, the important a role Chris played in Damian’s life (and MANY others).

Also covered: -Damian winning tickets to see Left For Dead’s first show on the radio -Hearing Boomtown Rats on radio as first contact -High School Circle Pits a school dances: running around until a jock pushes you down. -Think about “the ones that got let behind” on early record buying trips -The machete attacks and Catholic schools -Meeting Danko Jones at the legendary House for Zack -The union of High School misfits -Chokehold: the first hardcore kids in Hamilton -The Pre-Moist mod band: The Misunderstood -Being the non-straightedge kid in a straightedge scene and the reverse -The historical importance of the basement of Sherwin Lanes Bowling Alley -Getting thrown on stage during COC and having Pepper physically boot you off stage -The Toronto Masonic Lodge: From the Concert Hall to the MTV Studio and the taking the bodies out of the floor in between -The distortion of being small on the perspective of shows -Shared hated of It Store/ Suckers ownership -“Oakville blows.” -The first mention of Matt White: pop-punk genius -Pre-gentrification Queen And Ossington -The genius of the pre-Danko Jones prank call tape. -The awesomeness of Naomi Freeman -Chris’ vinyl debut… as a cover model. -The “Saw Is Family” the lost great Left For Dead song -Jeff Beckman is the angriest man -Simon Harvey of Ugly Pop Records is responsible for a lot of Toronto hardcore’s good taste -The transformative power of an h100s’s show -Left For Dead’s “Fucking Asshole” -Tony Erba is the real deal -The Static Age Riot story -Underestimating how legit Propagandhi is: the Left For Dead/Propagandhi (soy)Beef -The end of the Left For Dead and the beginning of the Swarm -Kyle Bishop has great taste -The formation of The Swarm MKII -Damian’s first tour being a roadie for the Swarm and the abuse they inflicted upon him -The Swarm and Relapse -Chris’s putting on a show for Dallas Goode’s old band -Damian: the first wave of “Colohfan” -For the first time, Chris’ watches Damian take a bong rip