Bright Sparks: Emma Teeling on becoming the Bat Lady

Feb 26, 2015, 01:22 PM

Professor Emma Teeling of the School of Biology & Environmental Science in UCD, or also known as Ireland's Bat Lady, spends most of her time studying the evolution and ecology of bats. In this short clip, Emma tells Dr Shane Bergin about the unique qualities of the bat as a mammal, and what we can stand to learn about ourselves as humans by studying them. Hear more from Prof. Emma Teeling and many other talented scientists when the full series of Bright Sparks airs on RTE Radio 1 from May 24. © Athena Media Ltd. All rights in the title and content for Bright Sparks including the audio podcasts rests with Athena Media Ltd and the contributors involved.

Music: 'Dissonance' by Michael Gallen, Robert Hope and Mark Gavin

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of UCD