E1 : Re-tethered Souls

Feb 27, 2015, 09:59 AM

Russell, Matt Morgan and Mr Gee are back with their 1st podcast in a very long time. #russellbrandpodcast

Note: contains explicit content

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Strac85 - about 2 years ago

Why are they not playing anymore?? Been trying to re listen!!!


joejoe55 - over 2 years ago

Yes! The man is back to black! @@Deals on wheels


bellybouncingdina - over 2 years ago

Listened to all the shows, now I've started listening again from the start. Need some more craziness in my life loooool!


morninglory - over 2 years ago

I LOVE that Matt and Rus are back! I have listened tothe old radio shows so many times over I know all the words off by heart so its good to get new content ♥


hannah_u98 - over 2 years ago

Matt: I understood the concept of-
Russell: -porn!