Episode 17 - Nick Woj (Cold World)

Mar 04, 2015, 06:34 AM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, join Damian as he talks to Cold World's drummer/mastermind Nicholas Wojciechowski about the ascetic battle of rap, and aggressive music that led him to having never been able to read a review of his band that doesn’t mention Rap Metal.

Also touched on in this episode:

-Getting catalogs

-The blue grass roots of Cold World


-The independent study time afforded to only-children

-Seeing Ill Repute for your first show… the “Big Rusty Balls” era though

-Bedford: The kings of the Wilkes-Barre PA

-Politics in service of ego

-No dissing Rolling-On-The-Floorcore

-Back before Revelation put the greats back into print

-“Which was the good CroMags lp?”

-The Holy Trinity of Youth Crew revival

-POS-TOPS not even a sledgehammer could break: Wilkes-Barre Youth crew

-Loving and dressing for Rap

-Dudes growing weed in the lockers

-Beef with “The Hicks”

-Open racism in high school assembly

-Collecting to DJ every genre of danceable music

-Liking Floorpunch in spite of a backlash

-Being on a CD comp with Psywarfare

-The Rap influence

-The influence of Locking Out

-Greg Wilmott and Mark McCoy: perennial hardcore tastemakers

-Sitting in rooms reading magazines and books to avoid gun-wielding kids

-Having to play to a Cold World merch line.

-The easy of being cool in 2015: easier to pose


-The REAL Inside Out

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