Avicii Visits The Whitsundays / Courtney Hasn't Seen 'The Sound Of Music' / Ricky Martin Ticket Giveaway / Johnno's Rat Tail Reflection / Glass Bottle Vs Can

Mar 06, 2015, 12:56 AM

#Avicii has been rumoured to have been holidaying on The Whitsundays. We come across what we think is definitive proof that he was here!... John can't believe that Courtney hasn't seen 'The Sounds Of Music'. Is she alone?... Listener Mary-anne gets VERY excited after winning tickets to see Ricky Martin in Townsville... Johnno gives us one final reflection on his time spent wearing a rats tail... Courtney and John disagree on the best way to enjoy a Friday beverage. You tell us how YOU like it.