Heart-Opening Meditation with Harun Rabbani

Mar 09, 2015, 05:26 PM

Are you finding aspects of your personal, social or business life emotionally challenging or even draining? Do you wear your 'heart' on your sleeves? Is emotional turbulence having a negative impact on the people who matter in your life? If you wish to drastically change how your emotions affect your everyday living, then join Harun Rabbani for this powerful heart-opening meditation. Every event that happens in our lives leaves an emotional charge. Sometimes the charge can be pretty huge. As long as there is a charge, then we become victims of circumstance rather than being in the dance. Harun is an entrepreneur, heart energy healer and a big advocate of meditation and releasing attachments. Listen to the whole meditation to take advantage of a special gift that will take your journey to another level. #Meditation #OpeningYourHeart #EnergyHealing #UnTangledFM #HeartOpening