Mr. Green: Talks Live From The Streets Album

Mar 10, 2015, 05:17 PM

“It's been a couple of years working on the album but it came out exactly how I wanted it to,“ hip hop producer and dj, Mr. Green tells The Library's Tim Einenkel on about his upcoming album Live From The Streets (under the label, Duck Down Records). Live From The Streets , presented by Vice Media Noisey, started out as a web series three years ago and within the first year co-creator, producer and host, Mr. Green knew an album would be born from this. The Live From The Streets album, will be released under the independent label Duck Down Music, on April 7, but can be pre-ordered today here

“I don't think it's worth rushing things, “ Mr. Green continues during his interview with Tim Einenkel on The Library, “There's still something to be said for stuff for people take their time with. Rather than try to make something that people remember for a week, try to make something that people actually remember for a year or years. That's more of the goal with Life From The Streets. It's not episode everyday time of thing. It's more of a craft. A well crafted thing.”

Check out more of Tim's interview with Mr. Green on Live From The Streets web series as well as the album here

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