Episode 18 - Colin Brunton (Director of The Last Pogo / Producer of Highway 61 and Roadkill)

Mar 11, 2015, 04:00 AM

Welcome dear listener(s) to another edition of Turned Out A Punk. This week Damian sits down with the director of seminal Toronto punk film the Last Pogo (and more recently The Last Pogo Jumps Again) to talk about the onset of Punk in Toronto, and his life after that. Find out how a need to document the Nazi Dogs suicide show led to a life in film and TV.

Also touched on: -Nash The Slash the punk before Punk in Toronto -Blank Generation: the movie that made you want to build a stage -The Last Pogo's original release show: Buzzcocks, Viletones and Gang Of Four -Viletones and the rockabilly era -Bringing your teacher to see the Viletones the night Stephen Leckie promises to kill himself -Working the door at the first Ramones show outside of New York after a three-paper-oiler joint -NEVER BRING UP THE VELVET UNDERGROUND TO JOHN CALE -The brilliance of the Scenics and the downside of not being in the clique -For get The Ugly and The Viletones, here’s the The Curse: A band that scared you. -The enduring “overnight transformation into a punk” -Driving cab: the upsides and the downsides -Making Roadkill -Picking up the Ramones in a cab and winding up casting Joey -Gary Topp: Unsung Canadian hero -The Canadian movie question. -Highway 61 (The Movie) Revisited -The bygone scams of an analog world -Iggy gets an ego post Cannes and has to be replaced by Art. -Neil Young’s talking head monolog being a deal breaker. -Hangin’ with Kenneth Anger and getting the dirty secrets of living with Alejandro Jodorowsky -Six years making The Last Pogo Jumps Again -The Last Bound Up: not shot and thus forgot