E5 : Beeped Out People

Mar 11, 2015, 11:53 AM

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee discuss man's disconnection from nature and much more.


Contains Explicit Content

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StanisHendon - over 2 years ago

Russell, considering your preemptive strategy of jamming some fingers down your gob to gain dominion over nausea, I was wondering if you employ a similar technique to combat diarrhea? And if so, do you deliberately eat tainted food just for the excuse?


bruby15 - over 2 years ago

Free icecreams, soup, what's next Russ:))))


yogabum - over 2 years ago

I once saw a man and an octopus busking. It - the octopus - did a juggling act with clams. At the end of the act the man stuffed the octopus into a helium balloon and let it go. As it rose and floated off, a single tentacle escaped the balloon and waved at us. Thereupon the man produced a rifle and shot down the balloon and the octopus exploded upon impact with the pavement. We the audience then gathered around for a nautical Rorschach discussion.


Nikkimc - over 2 years ago

<3 I've missed you guys.


kingkillerkvothe - over 2 years ago

I just finished watching the 1973 Robin Hood, and Friar Tuck who is Nottingham's priest, belly bounces the tax collector right out of his church! I thought of you guys straight away!
That version of Robin Hood is fantastic but it might have been a way for Walt Disney to throw it in our faces like; "YOU WISH THAT HAPPENED DIDN'T YOUU!!
(if youre reading this on the show maybe do that last part in your aristocrat voices)

Thanks guys i love the show


hornchoking - over 2 years ago

Thats incredible