Grill Team Podcast #1160

Mar 18, 2015, 12:39 AM

6:05am – Show Intro 6:12am – Rugby World Cup (Wallabies ranked 6th – lowest ever) 6:40am – Triple listener Adrian in Port Villa (Vanuatu) 6:53am – C’Mon Man (Brazilian student dead from alcohol competition; NZ pool pooper; Guy gags when changing a nappy) 7:07am – Calls: what makes you gag? 7:13am – Ch7’s Edwina Bartholomew on different flight to Sunrise crew 7:26am – Sports All In (Cricket World Cup; State of Origin launch in Victoria (gaffe audio); Martin Kennedy ASADA infraction notice; Titans players reinstated) 7:42am – Billy Idol, part one 7:54am – Billy Idol, part two 8:07am – Handsome Nick, Grill Team’s audio producer, voicemail follow up 8:15am – Mick Molloy 8:27am – Health insurance to be more expensive for smokers 8:37am – Calls (should smokers pay more?) 8:46am – CHECK THE TWEETS (Tony Abbott’s St Patrick’s Day message; baseball bans high-fives) 8:59am – The Greatest Year in Rock EVER