Mar 18, 2015, 05:04 PM

What’s so funny about this? What’s really funny about this is how easy it was to find a picture of a spaghetti car. I was positive there would be nothing in google images and was ready to either improvise or chuck the whole joke if I couldn’t find some kind of approximation. But lo and behold, there were LOTS of pictures of cars made from spaghetti, and motorcycles and carriages and even wheelbarrows. It never occurred to me, as a non-artist, that spaghetti and various other pasta would be fun, easy and available for sculpting. Of course, if you stop and think for just a second, it becomes obvious that a sculptor can and will use ANY material to form images. There’s nothing etched in stone that only stone or marble or wood can be used. Those materials are the most popular because they are the most durable, and will last longer, maybe even centuries. Spaghetti - not so much. Of course the pasta vehicles are models and not life size and they only sit in one place. They don’t move and cannot be driven. Nevertheless through the magic of the Toon-do cartoon software I can make it appear as if the car were full size, simply by inserting a cartoon character into the picture proportionate in size to the car. This young lady must have been in need of a car and I guess she couldn’t afford one made of metal. So she did the next best thing, craft or sculpt a car out of spaghetti!. Her mother must be very old school because she didn’t believe her daughter. But we learn that the daughter was able to amaze her mother by driving the car past her, or actually pasta. Here’s our pun because pasta, which is a noodle, sounds very similar to the phrase “past her” when said quickly with an American accent, and without stressing the final R. We all know what the young lady used for fuel - spaghetti sauce, of course. And THAT’s what’s so funny!

This joke came from @omgthatspunny on, with a little help from my buddy, Ken Weber.

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