Meditation, visualisation and awesome workouts with top Crossfit trainer Justin Wright #3

Mar 21, 2015, 10:05 PM

Today's guest is Justin Wright. He's one of the world's top CrossFit trainers, based in Boston, USA. He's the founder of the Wright Performance method of training, and this chat throws up some fascinating subjects. When you listen you'll hear:

How meditation and visualisation can help your energy levels Changing negative thoughts to positive energy How taking a scientific approach to your fitness and your life can make a massive difference Easy ways to collect data on your peformance and your life, and your sleep How using the Jawbone wristband can improve your energy during the day How to make positive nutrition choices that are practical for your everyday routine The new technology that can measure heart rate and blood pressure The importance of not over-obsessing and how to maintain perspective How changing your night-time habits can improve your motivation and energy levels during the day