E8 : Something About Telephones

Mar 22, 2015, 09:47 AM

Join Russell, Matt and Gee as they attempt to find their telephone neighbours and are joined by a special guest.


Contains Explicit Content


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morninglory - over 2 years ago

I tried telephone neighbors and I got through. A creepy old man now has my number.


jondarwen1 - over 2 years ago

This is literally the funniest podcast ever and I'm only 15 mins in. Genius x


aboreland956 - over 2 years ago

I haven't tried telephone neighbours yet, but if it's a lady, I plan to make her my wife.


blissed - over 2 years ago

I just did "Telephone Neighbors" it worked. They thought it was a creative and smart idea. My Telephone Neighbor is Sam.


andy1109 - over 2 years ago

Noel's a fucking legend


stalingrad - over 2 years ago

im gunna swear like it's 1999