Episode 20 - Dallas Good (The Sadies)

Mar 25, 2015, 06:35 AM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian chats with his “bud” Dallas Good of the legendary Toronto band The Sadies. Listen as they discuss everything from opening for the Bunchofuckingoofs at the age fourteen, to getting to play music with everyone from John Doe to Neil Young.

Also covered in this episode: -The Jolly Tambourine Man Connection -Guilt Parade -Living Proof -Youth Youth Youth -Direct Action -Getting to join Sudden Impact at 17 -The 1st Police Picnic -Going to buy New Values and getting Fun House -Sting’s amazing early film works -Getting to watch the elite of Toronto’s hardcore practicing in Aurora -Force Of Habit: Dallas’ KILLER first hardcore band -The Curse -Swindled and Gruphume: lost great southern Ontario bands -Diabolic Force -Slaughter the FAR superior Canadian metal band -Chronic Submission: A Straight Edge Skinhead Band the was neither -Touring with MDC -Having an amazing hardcore record collection… on tape -“Santa brought me the Dayglo Abortion Record” -Flying your freak flag -The reason the there were no Nazi’s a Punk shows in Toronto -Sons of Ishmael -MicroEdge -MSI -Playing with the Vibrators late and them still being great -Phleg Camp -The Nunfuckers -The Saintnatras/ Chokehold beef -Selling acid at the merch table -Getting into LA’s X as an adult -The lack of mythologizing in Canada -Being a product of circumstance and unique taste -Bob Rock is actually pretty punk rock