E9 : Relaxing The Law

Mar 25, 2015, 11:41 AM

Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee as they journey through the Isle of Man, Belgium and India with a stop in New Zealand.


Contains Explicit Content

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BubbaShakes - over 2 years ago

twas hard to hear you didn't like me jingle


bruby15 - over 2 years ago



PocketVenus11 - over 2 years ago

Dear Russell. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to write somethng nice about me and my comedy so I could put it on my Edinburgh flyer please? Chortle wrote that I was "endearingly mad." I wondered if you would be so kind as to write something for me please. Here is my website: http://www.clareharrison.wix.com/clareharrison My 2013 ed show is on there and some stand up. This year I am previewing at harlow Square if you
fancied coming along.I would be so grateful & happy if you could please write something for me about my craft. Thanks so much. Love Clare.x



YUGOSLAVIA - over 2 years ago

Russel please visit universities in Wales and create some 'coalition' with them. in Swansea they talk with love about you,i would never knew about your youtube channel if they hadnt mentioned you.. I will quote your book in my next assignment. please visit universities, good luck with everything, your profile is the only one that can move us all !!!!!


IDeavours11 - over 2 years ago

Can't hear it