Presenting the new singles' chart, May 1982, BFBS Berlin

Mar 29, 2015, 08:42 PM

With all this talk of the music chart on Radio 1 being moved to Friday afternoons from its long-established Sunday slot, I've dug out a cassette of me revealing a new chart on forces' radio in 1982. For a long time the new chart was published late Tuesday morning and then broadcast by Radio 1 that lunchtime. This reflected sales from the chart return shops up until the end of the previous Saturday - so, in fact, for several decades the sales' chart given on the Sunday was at least eight days old! Moreover, the previous Thursday's 'Top Of the Pops' relied on the chart revealed two days before. So, contrary to what's been said quite a bit these last few days, there was no surprise at the chart placings on Sunday, until the BBC and its chart provider caught up with the 'Network Chart' from independent radio, which began in 1984 - which DID reflect the chart sales up to the previous day! Anyway! The new chart used to be sent via Telex to BFBS studios around the world on a Tuesday and we broadcast it on the Wednesday breakfast show. This would be the first time most of our listeners had heard it, so there was a certain amount of drama. So, here is me on May 6th, 1982 from BFBS Berlin; first playing a few of the new entries, either side of a run-down of that night's BFBS TV and the papers' review from London, then the full countdown and the new number 1 - the German Eurovision winner that year. It was in fact West Germany's first such winner and it was the 500th UK No.1 single (I now learn!). The reason for the break in the recording is that the first side of the cassette ran out just as I was talking about programme changes that might have to be made to the TV schedule because of the Falklands' crisis. It then picks up at the end of the papers' review. Never mind what was happening in the South Atlantic: the new singles' chart was a matter of great moment! Picture: me in studios of BFBS in West Berlin at about that time.