Gordy Tallis view on Cowboys win & What's happening with Nate Myles

Mar 31, 2015, 04:15 AM

"What a game it was...It was a good performance and they tried really hard, and that's what's so crazy about sport because if he doesn't kick that field goal we say how bad are they going but at the moment because they won by one point we're saying how good are they!" - Prefers a game on Thursday to two on Friday - ON NATE MYLES reports "If Nate want's out he can certainly go, but I'd love him to stay with a Queensland side" "They're (Titans) keen to keep anybody, especially before this court case mate, we may not have a team" "I reckon they are waiting, there is so much to do and they would be getting criticised but you know what has Nate gone to them too and that's what we don't know" "Obviously someone of Nate's stature I'd love him to stay there but it's between the club and him, wouldn't it be good if Sam Thaiday was his backrow partner" #NRL #Titans #NateMyles #SamThaiday #GordenTallis