Episode 21 - Part 1/2 : Anthony Pappalardo (Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes)

Apr 01, 2015, 01:15 PM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian unveils the first half of his interview with Anthony Pappalardo, former guitarist of In My Eyes and Ten Yard Fight, as well as author of the books Radio Silence and Live… Suburbia. Listen in to an episode so great, it needed two weeks!!!!

Some of the topics covered in part one: -Growing up with nothing to do -Led Zeppelin being too wimpy for your Dad -MTV 24/7 -Tracking down punk heroes and calling them -Anthrax -Outburst -Raw Deal -Breakdown -The quest for something harder -The brilliance of Pushead’s writing -Getting an NYHC mix tape through metal tape trading -Being at a high school party with GG Allin -RRRecords -Being told NOT to like Snapshot by the Punkers -Hearing punk on Dr Demento -Circle Jerks -Angry Samoans -MDC -“The punk sitcom episode” -Circus Puppies: the pre-Ten Yard Fight high school band -Joe: The Skinhead-weed-farmer drummer -Killing Time -Shelter -Ten Yard Fight and band’s origins as a friends dis on his dad -The weird era of Boston Hardcore with no big bands -STP -Bricklayer -Instant Justice -Converge and the early Sheer Terror influence -Kids proudly rocking Death In June shirts: the world kinda sucks -Not being into sketchy dude hardcore -454 Big Block -Acrid -Label interest and big heads -Fighting in front of Brian McTernan -The Fastbreak split: the beginning of In My Eyes -Straight Edge Drunk: sleep deprivation -Ten Yard Fight nearly making their debut on TV -“So Get Drunk! Yeah.” -Being dissed by your former band -Ink And Dagger: Living the evil vampire gimmick