E12 : Crazy Resting Face

Apr 05, 2015, 07:10 AM

An ostrich, a new cafe and an Einstein quote. It’s all in the latest podcast with Russell, Matt and Mr Gee.


*Contains Explicit Content

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donuts - over 2 years ago

Anyone got a link to where I can buy one of Ammas socks?


mdgore - over 2 years ago

Russel: We could have podcast in PRISON!!!
Matt: or in a cafe.......

best ever


pj13 - over 2 years ago

Hi Rat Muscle ... belly bounce! ... bit concerned about Russell's downbeat vibe on the reverse plagiarism and the "nothing is new" attitude ... The Vigyan Bhairav is new ... well ... it's actually very old ... but as yet untried by the masses ... 112 beautiful techniques designed to help all human beings. Peace & Love. Pj13.


Jordansoon - over 2 years ago

The thought of Murdoch's rectum makes me sick


jimbalaya - over 2 years ago

Kee Nuu


LAwatergirl - over 2 years ago

I used to have a recurring dream in which Keanu Reeves was my best friend. I spent many an anxious night out on the town with Keanu as i tried to hide or disguise him so that my other friends wouldn't crowd him and make him feel uncomfortable. I'd never particularly admired Keanu, so why I choose him to be my dreamtime best friend is a mystery to me.