The Grill Team - Marto, Michelle & Ed - 7/4/2015

Apr 07, 2015, 01:19 AM
  1. Ed’s has a problem with surfing
  2. Sports All In: Grant Hackett; Head of NRL Todd Greenberg
  3. Michelle hit the beach lost her sunnies – what have you lost in the water?
  4. Gordy Tallis Rabbitohs v Bulldogs - Have you witnessed anti-social behaviour at footy?
  5. Crime Watch – Aussie vs American witnesses – who's better?
  6. Marto’s Thought On Sport – James Graham
  7. Sam our Producer wriecked a staffer’s car tyre - we get your suggestions for the “Wheel Of Punishment”
  8. Emma in the Newsroom updates on Bali 9’s next appeal
  9. Prince Harry is in the country; why do we care??
  10. Michelle loves ‘Gogglebox’
  11. Grant Hackett chats qualifying for World Swimming Championships
  12. Marto likes jet-skiing but not jet skiers! #Surfing #Easter #Weekend #GrantHackett #NRL #ToddGreenberg #GordyTallis #NRLRabbitohsvBulldogs #JamesGraham #Crime #Bali9 #Gogglebox #Swimming #GregMartin #EdKavalee #Jetski