The Emotional & Spiritual Lives of Animals

Apr 07, 2015, 09:30 AM

Jean Beanie Dayton interviews David Coles. Do animals feel emotions? Are they spiritual beings just like us? Do animals experience emotions we've never experienced before? Join Jean when she'll be talking again with David Coles, author of 'The Insanity of Humanity'. Jean and David will be discussing animals and their emotional & spiritual lives, a subject not widely explored in modern day society, a conversation which will be both a fascinating and enlightening exploration into the lives of our fellow sentient beings. David Coles is a counselor, radio presenter, author and 'guardian of the weak and disadvantaged living beings on this planet'. David is a prolific speaker on compassion and veganism and has devoted his entire life to this subject. #Vegan #Animals #AnimalSpirit #AnimalEmotions #VeganLife #UnTangledFM #Health #HealthyLiving