Episode 22 - Part 2/2 : Anthony Pappalardo (Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes)

Apr 08, 2015, 04:43 AM

This week on Turned Out A Punk we give you part 2 of the conversation with Anthony Pappalardo. Listen as Damian and Anthony discuss the formation of In My Eyes all the way to their last tour with the Cro-Mags (that ends with an incredible Harley story).

Also touched on: -Turning your back on the Back On Track era of Ten Yard Fight -Sweet Pete needing to be in a band already -Having no business skills and thinking that’s the way it should be -Getting courted by labels -Being the New Balance connect -Not going to Japan -“We knew what we where”: Not being the right type of band for pro-core -The infamous (in Damian’s mind) first Toronto In My Eyes show. -Eating gluten: the start of so many straight edge memories -Dear Pushead, NO SKULLS!!! -Richie Underdog being pissed at you -Not wanting to be the “STRAIGHT EDGE” straight edge band -Sweet Pete and the Smiths -How Boston went Mod -Being assumed of some of your friends -Someone forgot to tell the Cro-Mags they have to share the bus -Kids rocking “Rap Sucks” Star Wars rip-off shirts -Chilling with Paris while Harley fights a skinhead army -Sinners and Saints -Ignite -Slapshot -Explosion -Fastbreak -Six Going On Seven -“Hardcore Social Anxiety” -The Professionals -I’ll trade you some shirts for your weed -Around The World -Social Distortion -Billy Duffying the shit all over everything