E14 : Der Der Der DERRR

Apr 12, 2015, 08:34 AM

Russell driving a lorry in Morocco with Nicolas Cage, what could go wrong? Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for the latest podcast. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content

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Khanrahan - over 2 years ago

Ahahahaha like a farmer


jarvthecat - over 2 years ago

My mate came up with qualms for 'coke head corners' and it fits the mould perfectly. Disco foam is a classy alternative!


marcushislop - over 2 years ago

What are your thoughts on the Bilderbergers?


doitmyselfmama - over 2 years ago

So interesting to hear you talking about 'crystal down under the ground', this very morning my 5 year old son announced that he wanted to turn into a crystal under the ground when he dies. He's fascinated by gems and minerals of all kinds. I thought it was a possibly prescient statement and a very interesting and afterlife to wish for. Hearing you two talking about crystals now ties it all together in some sort of cosmic way.


PaulJayFFF - over 2 years ago

This podcast feels like the first of the new series of podcasts that's got that old rhythm back. Great work guys... funny shit! The previous 13 pods have also been amazing I have to add.

Russ, please go to Maddam Tussauds and either replace your statue and let various people take pictures with the real you thinking they were simply stood next to a fine globule of wax in the shape of Ol' Russ. Or stand next to the statue version to confuse people...


conan_b - over 2 years ago

Great show lads. I laughed out loud, a lot. And I've been in a lot of pain with my back, for months. So thanks very much. I needed that. xxx