E14 : Der Der Der DERRR

Apr 12, 2015, 08:34 AM

Russell driving a lorry in Morocco with Nicolas Cage, what could go wrong? Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for the latest podcast. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content

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tweenie - over 2 years ago

so.....what's your spanish teacher's name? ;)


nmendham - over 2 years ago

The Matt Morgan show with attention seeking Brand


Hunteros - over 2 years ago

Michel Thomas:
I can't believe you just did that. I nearly died. So true.
In the Italian one. He get's so pissed off with the bloke he is shouting at him. But the mad bit is I was listening to them in the car while having hours of driving in a soul-less job. As we were going through, the bloke would say something...and I would shout, 'Nooooo! You have to grab a handle 1st...' Then Michel screamed it. In the end we were both bullying the bloke from opposite ends of reality!
Did learn Italian really well though enough for good use on brilliant weekend in Venice with beautiful woman. Amazing! x


Zach_Frank - over 2 years ago

Really glad you boys are back, helping me through a terrible time at the moment. Laughing through the darkness. Thanks guys x


Venusross - over 2 years ago

fk hollywood


Eossol - over 2 years ago

My donkey has dreams of the sun.

Haha :)

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