E14 : Der Der Der DERRR

Apr 12, 2015, 08:34 AM

Russell driving a lorry in Morocco with Nicolas Cage, what could go wrong? Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for the latest podcast. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content

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TheLoveBomb - over 2 years ago

... I'm so excited!!! ✨✨✨✨A Nick Cage movie, in Morocco... !! ...With YOU,Rusty, dressed in white, and improv'ing, as GOD!!?✨hohoho!! ☺️ I always knew God has a really GOOD sense of humor! ✨✨✨☀️That's, AWESOME!! ✨✨And you were driving a lorry!!? I told someone you were driving and flirting with me, and they said you 'don't drive'!
〰➰ I argued in your defense, that I've seen you driving, a lot...!
A picture of you driving, even appeared, as a 'manifestation that I desired', in your defense! hahaha!!... 'Too honest' to a fault... I was going to say that, in your defense, on one of your posts!...


MsMelina - over 2 years ago

Loving your fun, makes me smile while on the train home from study weekend, X #russelbrandpodcast


TheLoveBomb - over 2 years ago

✨✨✨ I love this #RussellBrandPodcast E14! ☀️All this talk about twiggy and the raisins' moisture being stolen by 'Me undies'...
is hysterical!! hahaha! ☺️
Fear or dislike of mouth noises? Ahahah!! Like, eating a banana? ... Two months of sex abstinence...when?? Wow!! Crystals!! Led Zeppelin!? Earth's Core? The Apocalypse... Morocco!! Such sexy talk!! That whispering!! Ahhhh!! Its tickling my ear holes!! It's way erotic! ... ✨


sappleton - over 2 years ago

The 'duh duh duh DUUUHHH' theme was a pre-existing theme which meant (was a shorthand for) fate. It is an important statement at the beginning of this beautiful, artistically groundbreaking and incredibly intelligent piece of music. This symphony moved the cause of western art music (and all art) forward and has contributed significantly to civilisation through art in the European tradition and in the minds of many classical music lovers. Russell - What you say is important, please don't dismiss classical music. I work in it and it is a force for good.


TheLoveBomb - over 2 years ago

Ahahaha!!!✨Adorable Romantic singing!
I LOVE IT! Sing to me, Baby! #RussellBrand You're hilarious! You and Matt and Mr. Gee, singing together, is soo funny!!


Mujokan - over 2 years ago

Russell said he is on a quest for truth, but I think it would be better to say he is on a quest for honesty.