How the colour red can help you sleep better, and more changes for vitality with author and trainer Evan Brand #6

Apr 12, 2015, 03:20 PM

How can diet, fitness and sleep be used as the starting points for health and happiness? Tony is joined by a top guest. Evan Brand is a researcher, author, and host of the Not Just Paleo podcast. Stand by for some crazy but effective ideas on sleep, health and wellness in this week's show.

He combines health, diet and training with many therapies including meditation, stress-management training and custom supplementation protocols to provide a well-rounded solution a variety of health struggles.

He also, as you'll hear, is an expert on sleep, and you might be amazed by some of the ideas he has on how to improve your night-times. (We were.)

When you listen you'll hear:

Some scientifically proven sleep tips, and why the colour red could change the way you rest. How early in the day does your body start making melatonin. Why you need a "technology sunset." What's the perfect amount of sleep? Diet staples that you need. Bio-individual: Defining your individual needs instead of comparing yourself to other people. How a negative mindset can unravel your positive health choices.

And loads more.