E15 : Joined At The Hip

Apr 15, 2015, 09:53 AM

Imagine a world where Russell and Matt were siamese twins, how would the podcast work? Find out in episode 15.


Contains Explicit Content

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camillabeale - over 2 years ago

Russ has the most beautiful laugh retelling the Nobu story <3


gmitch96 - over 2 years ago

this is no exaggeration... I just finished my dinner when it got to the end and I threw up I laughed sooo hard. It got to a point where I was in pain. ' must've been one of the neighbours, just let themselves in'


Jayyf9 - over 2 years ago

This has to be the funniest podcast I have heard from you guys! Been trying not to burst out laughing in the library and getting some odd looks!


darkmoonman - over 2 years ago

Russell Brand in a Hijab?


Furlz - over 2 years ago

That last bit about the dog, made my day!


SiorAlpin - over 2 years ago

Vote: BellyBounce Jingle should be a ringtone ;)