Episode 23 - Jesse Gander (d.b.s vocalist)

Apr 15, 2015, 12:49 PM

This week on the show, Damian is joined by, former d.b.s. vocalist and producer of tons of amazing bands, Jesse Gander. Sit back as Damian gusts to the person who inspired him (and many other his age) to start a punk band.

-Punk-loving non-punk parents -Hanoi Rocks -Getting into it through the metal bands covering punk -The offensive amazingness of the Sex Pistols -Being 12 and going an inter-school-collective fanzine meeting -Playing your first show at activist Trish Kelly’s 16 birthday -The Pepsi Power Hour -Brand New Unit -Fugazi, Sparkmarker and Mecca Normal -Three cassette only albums -Hoping to open for Strain -d.b.s.: Kid punk sensations -Getting on Much Music before the first video dropped -Green Day: “If these guys get on the radio they are going to be huge” -The friendship with AFI -Picking a crashpad out of the back Maximum Rock And Roll and winding up staying with -Rancid -Nefer Records -Gob throwing them in a van to tour. -Playing with Pansy Division -900 shows in 7 years -Being totally disorganized as a tour booker -The fearlessness of lying at the boarder when you are young -Sno-Jam: Canada’s winter Warped Tour -Naked guy jumps on the hood of your moving van and tries to claw his way in: Welcome to Spiderland Acres -Crimpshrine and Fifteen -Having your life changed by Grade -Japandroids and Husker Du’s guitar tone on New Day Rising -Modern Lovers and Minor Threat: Who did it first? -Jesse flying to see Damian’s d.b.s. cover band -Touring Europe with DOA -Nardwuar: One of the greatest of all-time -Recording Submission Hold records