E16 : Genghis Brand

Apr 19, 2015, 08:45 AM

As the Belly Bounce phenomenon continues to spread, Russell, Matt and Gee speak to El Nordico, the Belly Bouncing Ice Viking wrestler from Bethnal Green.


Contains Explicit Content

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JinkyTjaz - 10 months ago

Why is the end missing? It cuts off in the middle of an item!!!! :@


CynthiaGarbutt - almost 2 years ago

One of the best! Brilliant! Genghis Khan 101. Matt can't go 10 minutes without fart reveals, the infamous belly bounce and my personal favourites: alternative currencies, banking and work ethic (ECHO/Freelance). You've ticked all the boxes!
BTW: Finally got accepted, but now my online membership is invalid and my regular email account won't go through (had to use Google) hope it all gets to them on time for Thurs 12:00 deadline (whilst I'm at regular work) and I get a reply about my membership being sorted.
I've got a feeling there's a saboteur is afoot (since the beginning). Or a "saboteure" (AG, me thinks, senses the vibe straight away; since we met). But this is typical; poor dear.


culturalfloyd - almost 2 years ago



npowers92 - over 2 years ago

I have an actual legitimate feedback comment. Can you please compress the audio more, so there's a more consistent volume, thus making this easier to listen to at work without disturbing people?


nathan8601 - over 2 years ago

Some youtube porn for you Matt!