Episode 24 - Nate Newton (Converge)

Apr 22, 2015, 05:50 AM

This week on the show, Damian heads out to a show to talk to Converge’s Nate Newton. Listen as the two talk about buying a Skaterock tape at 11 led, as well as Nate joining Converge.

Also covered:

-Why Nate’s face is burnt into Damian’s memory

-Ordering Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 1 at 11

-Nate and Damian unable to think of name of Beyond Possession

-Thrasher Magazine

-Stonehenge: Virginia Beach’s record/ probable front

-Graven Image

-Candy Snatchers

-At War

-Going to a Agnostic Front/ Vandals show for your first show in ’87

-Agent Orange

-Seeing the Ramones with Dee Dee

-Menace: VB thrashers

-1990: NYHC comes to

-Loving Gwar so much

-Getting a cease and desist order from another band called Lift when you are 15.

-The absolute awesomeness of Avail

-Four Walls Falling

-Being inspired by Shelter

-Neurosis and the art of touring

-A brief cameo by Tomas Lindberg

-The DIYness of Tragedy

-Being the first band on Jamie Hatebreed’s label

-The No Escape demo!

-Clutch and Inner Journey Records

-A show featuring bands with members Converge, Dropkick Murphys, Cave-In, Hatebreed and Red Sparrows

-Channel nearly being on Overkill Records

-The 90’s: When EVERYONE was doing shit

-Touring with Converge for your first tour…. years before you are in a band.

-Touring with Introspect (Eric Wareheim’s Emo band)

-Finding blast beats and starting Jesuit


-Frame 313

-The story of the disastrous Jesuit/ Dillinger Escape Plan/ Botch Canadian tour

-Today Is The Day

-How is Gehenna not banned from the Gilman?

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