E17 : Robin Longfellow?

Apr 22, 2015, 09:45 AM

Have you ever wanted your own Nuclear Bunker? Russell, Matt and Mr Gee speak to the owner of Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker.


Contains Explicit Content

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Pig12345 - over 2 years ago

American Indian or Native American - not Red Indian Russ :(


yviy - over 2 years ago

It pains me to have to talk about the Gee word but do feel oblidged to to point out that you guys r pronouncing it wrongly ... In Ireland we dont say Gee as in G we say Gee as in Indian butter Gee ... Its extremly Bad even worse than the C word ....


npowers92 - over 2 years ago

It's funny you're talking about who you'd bring into a nuclear bunker, because yesterday I got a wonderful $2 videogame called The Sheltered in which you have to do just that. You meet people throughout the game and you have limited space, food, water, and 24 hours before the bomb drops to basically decide who lives and who dies. It's very good.


Listenup1 - over 2 years ago

Loved the bunker guy interview.....I'm looking for a nice place to say, while in London, does he take reservations, do you think? I'll go down the bunker with you any time Russell. Sorry Matt, you can't come! Thanks guys, funny, side-splitting stuff.


JamesFrench - over 2 years ago

Danielacolada you have not been kind or loving in this thread, so cut the bullshit.
You owe that other girl an apology for calling her a pig. I've seen you berate others and name call on other websites as well.


J.TNATIONAL - over 2 years ago

listen to my intelligence