@watfordfcsays captain Troy Deeney says he hasn't cried in years but cried at his side's promotion today

Apr 25, 2015, 04:34 PM
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AdrianStewart - over 2 years ago

Interesting how so many 'out of tune' media articles started appearing in the media since Saturday. Today I've read that the manager may not go on past the end of the season; that he is in line for the Sunderland job; that the Watford team has a leaky defense that won't be able to handle the pressure in the top flight and that the Pozzo's might now start to use Watford as a true beneficiary for their scouting talents! Why not just congratulate a team whom non of the pundits picked for automatic promotion this season. They have performed at an unbelievably consistent level and are very clearly a team who set out to play to their strengths and delivered. Well done to Elton John, Graham Taylor and Sanninio for extolling such virtues.


1188simon - over 2 years ago

Watford showed huge faith in Troy when many thought he should have never pulled our shirt on again. Massive credit to him for turning his life around and becoming a real man thanks Troy for your brilliant leadership and you have repaid the clubs faith in you. The 15 hornets watching in a Sydney pub loved you last night!


AdrianStewart - over 2 years ago

Great captain's interview - well done to all at Watford Football Club - a stunning second half season performance.