E18 : Going Straight

Apr 26, 2015, 08:49 AM

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee speaking to an AMSR artist, what could go wrong? Oh and there’s the small matter of £400k in a box.


Contains Explicit Content

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Rich666 - over 2 years ago

Yeah I don't think anyone disagrees that some people *find* it sexual, the disagreement is when people say: ASMR *is* sexual.
As if it's sexual 100%, end of etc. and that tends to annoy or aggravate people who don't find it sexual, that's all :)


NadoDodo - over 2 years ago

Perhaps ASMR is not intended to be sexual, but they can't control the reactions people will have. I find it quite sexual too!


Rich666 - over 2 years ago

That's great Mel :D I wish mine was triggered by something more readily available, I get called by them all the time!


mel_hollands - over 2 years ago

I've always got that AMSR feeling from telemarketers with foreign accents. I go into a trance listening to them and even though I ain't buying what they're selling I just let them keep talking


Geode2000 - over 2 years ago

Funniest one yet. I'm hopping fences in my wheelchair!


LoveIsAlllYouNeed - over 2 years ago

Actually funniest line "My microphone stinks" oh my goodness, too funny!