Episode 25 - Wade MacNeil (Gallows and Alexisonfire)

Apr 29, 2015, 05:11 AM

Hurry in dear listener and grab a seat as Damian welcomes to the show his friend Wade from Gallows and Alexisonfire. Listen in as the two discuss Wade going from a Misfits obsessed teen, to forming a band that changed the face of mainstream music in Canada.

Also hit on: -Getting a good guitar teacher with good taste as first exposure -Hearing the Misfits Earth A.D. and shaping your high school world -Southern Ontario Nazi Boneheads loving the second Misfits show in Toronto -Razor Eater: Spraycan Lysol Punk -It all starts with the Misfits: Plan 9 the punk band -Sick Boys: St Catherine’s’ Punk band -Chixdiggit -Down By Law -Listening to the Doughboys through the propped opened bar door -Martyr Diablos Martyr -Shout out to the Terminal Wally’s -Snapcase opening your mind -George Petit and Wade: going to any and every show. -The Buffalo Basement scene -Level Plane and Magic Bullet -Plane 9 becomes After The Hallowed Moment -Being the former Mr. Vegas -Alexisonfire: the all-ages scene’s supergroup -Dallas’ old band aiming for Shiner and coming up Creed -Dillinger Escape Plan: fighting their guitars -The amazingness of Japanese record stores -The significance of Tears For Fears -Touring in March Break -Breaking down in Binghamton -Being a 17 year old touring shakedown artist -Alexisonfire getting to laugh last at Blockbuster -Principle Simpson: Alexisonfire's benefactor -Not fitting in to any scene -Wade’s Podcast -Alexisonfire: Un-Fashionablecore Fashioncore