E19 : No Boundaries

Apr 29, 2015, 10:45 AM

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee are joined by professional urban runner Bradley Garrett who shares his 'Place-Hacking' experience and gives Russell advice on his new feature - As The Crow Flies.


Contains Explicit Content

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duncandanger - over 2 years ago

Mr Gee's poems are too good! I think this one is my favourite.


Nicwinter - over 2 years ago

Hey Russell I haven't walked on 3 drains since 1989! I told my 9 year old this and she's made it her mission to make me do it, either by pushing me on it or distraction! Nearing 40 I wonder if I should call it a day but so much effort has been put into it...remembering where some are when it snows ha. Shouted bellybounce on a thread on fb n got a long long long back.love you guys x


Princessjennifer - over 2 years ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnLz4bzk874 you should listen to this song about "Dodgy Dave" and the naughtiness he gets up to. It's by Nigel Clark off of Dodgy. I'd think it'd be right up your street Russell xxx


mjh912 - over 2 years ago

Honestly, I enjoy the adverts more when you, Matt, are not trying to be serious about them and you, Russell, are just trashing them. The beginning of that proflowers commercial was sooo canned, but it opened up for fun at the end. I enjoy the adverts and wouldnt mind actually buying just because they sponser you. I like the fun though,


Hunteros - over 2 years ago

In a way Russ is morphing into Madame Trash Heap.
Little Fraggle Ed showing up for advice!


Rich666 - over 2 years ago

That was actually me that said about games, assuming that user didn't also say something about games earlier. Or maybe I just need a non-default avatar.