Dead Show/podcast for 5/1/15

May 01, 2015, 11:42 AM

Here we are in the beautiful month of May - Kentucky Derby weekend no less - so I wanted to bring you a set that of course included the band's wonderful rendition of George Jones'  'The Race Is On'.. In addition, this pick comes from the fabulous Frost Amphitheater back in the fine year of 1989..  This week's show from May 6th, 1989, happened to be a Rex benefit as well, and I think it is a fine example of the band's work during this period which was always easy to listen to and enjoy.While the setlist is perhaps not extraordinary, aside from the Race Is On's inclusion, the songs are all quite up tempo (with the exception of Walkin' Blues and a perhaps not the best-played version of West LA.. ) and I'm sure the crowd was enjoying itself in the California sunshine. I hope you enjoy this one as well.......... Frost Amphitheater, Stanford CA (5/6/89)Jack StrawPeggy-OWalkin' BluesThey Love Each OtherThe Race is OnWest L.A. FadeawayJust a Little LightQueen Jane ApproximatelyChina Cat SunflowerI Know You RiderYou can listen to this week's Deadpod here: thanks to all of you - your support makes doing the Deadpod a joy in my life!