IMO: Is It Worth Voting?

May 02, 2015, 09:14 PM

With only days to go before the #GeneralElection in the UK, we asked academics, historians, journalists, campaign groups, #activists and ordinary people whether they thought it was worth voting.

00:00-01:33 Introduction to Inform My Opinion 01:33-03:20 Introduction to topic, is it worth voting? 03:30-05:05 Basic information about General Election 05:15-20:30 Interview with Dr Neil Faulkner 22:38-26:53 Interview with Sara Jaffar from Bite the Ballot 29:49-34:19 Interview with Will Brett from Electoral Reform Society 36:26-43:41 Interview with Warwick Smith We went to the #VoteOutTrident, #MarchForHomeless and #ReclaimBrixton demos to get YOUR OPINIONS! Listen to the podcast to hear them. :)

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