E20 : A New Low For Pornstars

May 03, 2015, 08:39 AM

Fill your boots as Russell, Matt and Mr Gee discuss Prince Philip, Elephant Man dress ups, director David Lynch and Katie Hopkins.


•Contains Explicit Content

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longfellowblay13 - over 1 year ago

funny shit plan and simple


knightsatdawn1995 - over 2 years ago

Brand! You sexist pig! You always contradict yourself and say that you are against treating woman in a derogatory way, yet in every interview i have seen of you, you treat women in such a terrible way and view them only as sex objects. I was a fan but now i am not. I hope you can change if you ever wish to have a family and have children. I wish you the best brother


lollu - over 2 years ago

Matt is right about Katie Hopkins, she is just paid to abuse people, that's her job. Twenty years ago it was Jean Rook, a gobby blonde just like Hopkins who slagged off everybody in the media. There'll be another one along in a few years time..


Junipersusan - over 2 years ago

Fall asleep every night laughing! And then wake up smiling when I remember. You're both a pair if idiots, so funny together


lollu - over 2 years ago

I wish Matt would concede he is tone deaf. Hasn't anybody told him this?


eloiseb - over 2 years ago

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