E21 : Sex Mad

May 06, 2015, 09:10 AM

Bikini bodies, Coldplay, Siamese twins and a chat with Dr Pam. Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for another mind-bending podcast.


*Contains Explicit Content

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Nicwinter - over 2 years ago

Hi lads only sent the below link as I felt Russell had to know that we all don't think like this n don't give up! Viva the revolution! Love the podcasts


cassiemand - over 2 years ago

Hilarious as usual but just wanted to suggest that Matt might enjoy the Ted Talk by Jean Kilbourne called 'The naked truth, advertising's image of women' as it might help him understand the whole 'beach body ready' fury from a female point of view. He is so insightful normally, so it would be interesting to see what he thinks about it!


waterlily - over 2 years ago

This was the best podcast yet guys, loved it!


adelarks - over 2 years ago

love the comments guys! keep em coming


rustykittens - over 2 years ago

another excellent podcast!